Drive the NEW
Land Rover Defender

with ukLANDROVERevents, the independent Land Rover specialist off road operator.

The NEW 2020 Land Rover Defender has arrived here at North Yorkshire Off Road Centre, and YOU can come here to drive it.  Read on for details.

About our
NEW Defender Driving Experiences

Our NEW Defender Experiences allow you to drive the New 2020 Land Rover Defender on some serious terrain at our legendary cliff top off road test facility here on the North Yorkshire Coast.
You'll find out about, and use, all the latest technology fitted to our high specification vehicle.

There's also an option to compare NEW Defender with the previous model Defender side by side, plus we have an experience to take NEW Defender out into the 'real world', driving off road trails and/or a varied road test route to put the vehicle through it's paces with a qualified specialist instructor.

Off Road Experience


HALF DAY • 9.30am - 12.30pm or 1pm - 4pm • approx 2½ hours driving time
ideal for individuals or 2 drivers wanting to share the experience

We spend the entire session off road with NEW Defender.  Introducing all the features of the vehicle, and seeing how effective the various systems are as you drive our high secification, modern, advanced 4x4 across some serious obstacles and terrain here at our specialist off road training facility on the cliff tops of the North Yorkshire Coast.

Off Road Experience


FULL DAY • 9.30am - 4pm • approx 5 hours driving time
ideal for more time behind the wheel for a group of 3-4 drivers

As above, this experience is all about putting NEW Defender to the test here at our legendary off road centre.  We'll cover the same content as on our Half Day session, but with more driving time, ideal if you'd like to bring more guests.  Up to 4 people can share the driving, and everyone will get to tackle the same wide variety of obstacles and terrain.  We'll stop for lunch during the day (pub lunch options available nearby), so you'll get a break out of the vehicle.

Defender Comparison - NEW vs OLD


FULL DAY (9.30am - 4pm)
approx 5 hours driving time

This day is all about comparing the Defenders.  The previous generation Defender was the original 'go anywhere' vehicle, renowned for its off road ability and simple no frills construction.  The NEW Defender is much more advanced, truly an off roader for the 21st Century.  But which one is best?
Now YOU can find out, as you get to drive both versions of Defender back to back on our legendary cliff top course here at Robin Hood's Bay, described in the press as 'one of the toughest off road test tracks in the UK'.
There's time between all the driving for a lunch break (pub lunch options available nearby).

Off Road Experience + Real World


FULL DAY (9.30am - 4pm)
approx 5 hours driving time

Spend the morning at our Off Road Centre, as per the Half Day Off Road Experience itinerary above.  We will then break for lunch (pub lunch options available nearby).  After lunch, we take NEW Defender out from the centre, for an afternoon of real world driving, in and around the North York Moors National Park.
We can tailor this afternoon session to suit how you'd like to try the vehicle.  We can drive a variety of unsurfaced tracks and trails, including mud, rocky climbs, boulders and river crossings and you'll have a specialist 4x4 instructor alongside you to help you get the most out of the driving experience.
If you prefer to see what the NEW Defender is like on road, then we can travel along country roads, around town, and on higher speed single and dual carriageways.  With an advanced driving instructor alongside you, you'll be able to get the most out of the driving experience.

This experience includes time on the public highway, so a driving licence check is required prior to your day with us.



Please ensure you confirm diary availability with us before booking in

Meet your
Instructor and the 2 Defenders

Your instructor for the day will be Colin Bell of ukLANDROVERevents.

With 2 decades of experience in off road tours, expeditions and advanced driver training, specialising in Land Rover vehicles, Colin is perfectly placed to show you how to get the most from the vehicles in a variety of scenarios.
Land Rover Specialist 4x4 Instructor • DVSA Approved Driving Instructor • 
Advanced Driving Coach/Instructor • DVSA Pass Plus Scheme Instructor

2020 NEW Defender 110 HSE D240

Our new, high spec vehicle has a vast array of off road technologies to ensure we can safely tackle some serious terrain.  Air suspension allows adjustment in height for various obstacles, as well as sure-footed on road performance.  The fully configurable Terrain Response system allows us to make setup changes beyond the traditional pre-set programmes.  The interior also boasts some serious driver comforts.

2013 Defender 110 County Utility Wagon 2.2 Tdci

Fully rebuilt by us in 2019/20, this is one of the last generation of the 'traditional' Defender, before production ended in 2016.  The original 'go anywhere' vehicle, it is renowned for it's off road ability, simple no frills construction, and has also in recent years become a style icon.  The engineering on these vehicles may be over 30 years old, but it's truly remarkable where they're able to drive.

About ukLANDROVERevents

The 2020 Defender may be new, but ukLANDROVERevents are not.
For almost 20 years, we've been the leading independent Land Rover specialist off road driving experience and training company in the UK.

Off Road Tours & Holidays

If you own your own Land Rover, we have a very full calendar of events throughout the year.  We offer single day Green Lane Tours, weekend Camping Tours, 2 Day Lodge Tours, and even Pyrenees Mountain Holidays, all allowing you to experience off road driving with the safety and reassurance of being in a small group led by an experienced and qualified 4x4 instructor.

4x4 Driving Experiences & Driver Training

From our long established specialist off road driving centre right on the cliff tops of the North Yorkshire coast, we offer 4x4 Driving Experiences which appeal to those wanting to try something a bit different, driving enthusiasts, potential Land Rover buyers, and even adventurous families with our Junior Driving Experiences for kids aged 10+.
We also offer both recreational and professional training, for both off road and on road drivers.

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